Debt is Dumb

I have a lot of debt. Most of it is from culinary school…some is my house, some is just poor life decisions (thankfully I paid cash for most of my bad decisions). My goal is to get rid of a lot of that debt by following carefully curated steps, and by carefully curated steps I mean do some things, hope they work, panic a lot. That’s how I do most things.

Step 1 sell the house – this step includes lots of little steps like fix the hallway floor, put lights in the bathroom (get on it Josh!) finish the kitchen remodel. We are almost done with these and the house goes on the market July 1st (ish). This means we’ll need a new place to live – enter my in-laws.

I just used that sink to pile dishes anyway

You heard me – I’m moving in with my husbands parents. It’ll be fine. It’s gonna be great. I’m sure we’ll never clash and things will be super happy all the time. (set reminder to check back in a year and laugh at this post) But really, I get along great with my mother in law, so this is not a terrible plan. Plus debt free will feel pretty awesome.

I’ve always been a big fan of being open – about mental health, about sex/sexuality, about money. So I’ll probably continue to be open about all of those things (not that anyone is ever going to read this) and I’ll share some actual numbers at some point. If there is one thing I love, it’s a sexy spreadsheet – and I’ve got a lot of them!

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Master of what now?

This is my attempt to figure out how to use wordpress, because my employers current website sucks. Rather than just put up something lame (this will probably be lame) I figured I’d build something for myself. This will evolve and a lot of what you see will probably disappear once I figure out what I’m doing. In the meantime, follow along as I talk about things I’ve already mastered (literally nothing, I do some things well-ish) and try to master new things.